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About Us

At Calla, we believe in attention to detail. What makes great food is love & real ingredients. That is what we put into every product we make. Each pie, cupcake or pizza stands out as delicious & home made.
  • Vegan, gluten-free Pie
  • Gluten-free Pie
  • Gluten-free Quiche
  • Keto, gluten-free Quiche
  • Ready to heat Keto, gluten-free Pizza
  • Pre-baked keto gluten-free Pizza Crust (vegan)
  • Gluten-free Pizza Dough and Pre-baked Crust
  • Gluten-free Muffins
  • Gluten-free, vegan cupcakes


What We Do

Calla Food makes real food for real people. Simple but delicious. 

Gluten Free

All of Calla’s products are gluten free. We also source gluten free oats for our apple crumble.


No genetically modified ingredients, fruits or vegetables. The way nature intended.


Made with love

The same way you bake for your family we bake for you.  Every pie and quiche has the end consumer in mind. Just like when we bake for our family, we do it with care.  

Simple Ingredients

Our ingredient list is easy to understand. There is nothing you cannot pronounce! We use real fruits and vegetables! By choosing quality ingredients the flavours shine through. 


We cater to special diets like the keto diet. We proudly create delicious low-carb foods for your keto or low glycemic diet. 

Vegan Choices

Our vegan pie shells are made with non-GMO, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Delivery & Pick-up


Now Available 

**** More Keto Products to come


  • Allow 3 days for us to process your order. We will email you with any questions.
  • You will receive an email when order is ready for pick up.  
  • All product will be Frozen
  • We are in the Markham area

We have Vegan Fruit Pies,  Quiches, Muffins, Keto Pecan Pie & Keto Pizza available. ALL GLUTEN FREE

Check out the full list below.

Please create your order in the contact form below.

You will receive an email /call stating your order is ready for pick-up & the total. 

Please send etransfer payment to with the password –> Covid (you may also pay cash)

Come to 85 Spy Court, Unit 101. Markham, Ontario (go to side shipping doors up the stirs ring the bell, name on sign Borek Bakery) (masks are manditory when making a pick-up)

Our Products

All products are gluten free and with our famous Non-GMO vegan crust.

Available for order & pick-up at our warehouse. Click here.

Pies (gluten-free) $10.00

  • Vegan Apple
  • Vegan Cherry
  • Vegan Blueberry
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple Crumble

Keto Pies (gluten-free) 9″ $15.00

  • Pecan
  • Creamy Lemon
  • Coconut Cream

Keto Pizza (gluten-free) 10″ $9.00

  • Cheese
  • Veggie with Zucchini, Onion & Green Pepper,
  • Spinach/Mediterranean with Spinach, Sundried tomatoes, Black olives and Feta 
  • Pre-baked Keto Crust (Just dress and bake) (10″, 2-pack) (vegan)

Cupcakes (gluten-free) 4-pack $6.00

  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Vegan Vanilla

Quiche (gluten-free) 9″ $10.00

  • Asparagus Leek & Swiss
  • Broccoli Cheddar
  • Mediterranean with Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomato

Keto Quiche (gluten-free) 9″ $12.00

  • Keto Asparagus Leek & Swiss
  • Keto Broccoli Cheddar
  • Keto Mediterranean with Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomato

Muffins (gluten-free) 4-pack $6.00

  • Banana Walnut
  • Carrot
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Cranberry
  • Pumpkin

Pizza Crust (gluten-free)

  • Pizza Dough (Roll your own crust when you are ready) (one 14″ crust) $5
  • Pre-baked crust (Just dress and bake) 12″ $6.50


.Let’s Work Together!

Calla Foods Works with different companies to bring gluten-free, keto and vegan products to the market either under our label or yours. You tailor the ingredients to fit your company’s philosophy & needs. We will always use the best quality ingredients that you can be proud of.  We service the Canadian, US & European markets.


“From the first bite the apple pie brought back memories of my grandma and sitting at her table eating her pie and telling her about my day.  Didn’t even realize it was gluten free.”

Mathew K

“The best f**king Cherry Pie I have ever had!”

Dalt N

“My very fussy kids ate up the apple crumble pie and asked for seconds, they hate everything so they must be good”

Candace L

Calla Food makes real food for real people. Simple but delicious. 

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